Why do I charge the prices that I do?

January 31, 2017


Everywhere I look I see beauty and an opportunity to snap a great photo. Some one once said to me "you need to charge more! It may slow business down for a little while but you don't charge enough!" I replied " even though I'd love to make tons of money doing what I love ...it's not about that. I want my business to grow because of my work...because of my kindness and customer concern for what they want...so, thanks but I'll keep my prices where they are." I've been a photographer for a big time company and they were all about sale! Get the client in and out as fast as possible. I seen so many clients who didn't get what they want and it made me sad because pictures are what capture what we can never get back. So, when I take a photo I take my time and I look for those raw moments and make sure that I'm capturing what my client is so eager to get. 💕📷 .

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