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Alpha and Omega Photography Marysville California
Alpha and Omega Photography Marysville California
Alpha and Omega Photography Marysville California

I'd Like to extend my warmest Welcome!

If your reading this then that means your considering Alpha and Omega Photography or you've already booked! Either way I am very happy to share with you through out this guide the five star          

experience your about to dive into!

Im Hannah, your fun, friendly, animal loving Photographer!

Through out this guide you'll learn about every thing you need to know. From the right types of clothes to wear to the prices that will only be available on your fun premiere night! A&O has taken the time to provide to you the full service experience you deserve!

Like most people I'm sure you have a box full of memory cards, flash drives, and smart devices full of photos, none of which is printed! 

Thats okay because I am here to help change that!

Dont get me wrong... I save my own digital files as well for a rainy day to go through all of them and decide which ones I want to print. Something I wish I would of started doing a long time ago. I wish I would of spent the time printing them and creating albums that we can share with family members. Its also something My husband complains about not having when he's telling a story and has nothing to show for it. 

I dont want you to be in that position, in fact I want to help you tell that story and help it come alive! weather its on your wall or in a photo album that you can pass around. 

There are plenty of options available and I will be there every step of the way to help you plan out those options to include what looks good together and what doesn't. You won't get stuck with another flash drive and a bunch of digital images you don't know what to do with. 

With A&O your experience will be smooth and pain free!

But what happens if you do want those digital images!? Don't worry about that either I got you covered just like I promised!

A&O offers digital images along with quality products for you and your family to enjoy in the premiere night collections! The collections are the best of both worlds because while combining them, in not only offers the digital files but the prints as well for a cheaper price! That way your not stuck paying for everything separately. Doesn't get much better than this!

Now, its time to sit back relax and sip on that cup of coffee while you flip through A&O's helpful guide to a five star experience!

Alpha and Omega Photography Marysville california
Alpha and Omega Photography Marysville California

They Look Great! Thank you Hannah!

-Karen T.

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~Planning Your Session~

Marysville California
Marysville California
Marysville California

I have a surprise for you!!!

your session is going to be easy! Starting from getting everyone to smile all the way to the end when your hanging your moments captured  on your wall.

I know how overwhelming planning a session can be so I provided some tips on how to get started!


First remember that I am here to help you every step of the way and if you feel like you've hit a speed bump I'll help you over it.


Start by choosing a location, think of where you and your family love being or have the most fun at. Maybe those locations are eye pleasing? thats okay too! I have plenty of locations that are fun, beautiful and picture perfect! all you have to do is ask. If you want props go ahead and convey that to me during the panning process! I have an unlimited supply of props provided to me by several store owners located on D st in Marysville!

Secondly, you'll want to choose the right clothing. Refer to "Do's and Don'ts in your closet" of this guide to choose the right outfit for your photo session!

Next, Don't stress because it can show in your photos. Have a husband or kids that don't want to smile for the session maybe just not that into it?

I got you covered there too!


Ill start by taking fun, interactive photos first to get everyone comfortable and then we will end the session with those family portraits that show off everyones awesome (real) smile!

I'll make sure the kiddos coropurates and if they don't I'll have some yummy treats at the end of the session to make sure they do! This usually does the trick ! ;D

All in All everyone will look happy, be happy, and make fun memories through out the session which is ultimately my goal through out our time together.

Do's and Don'ts in your closet

Choosing what to wear can be hard but when you have a guide, its not a problem so, check your closet and plan away!

DO- choose a color scheme. why? if your going to hang these picture on the wall you want it to flow and look good. So, if you have neutral tones in your home then you might want to consider wearing neutral tones in your pictures.

DON'T- Match! If you all wear the same color it will look like a glob of color. instead try to coordinate. Try to leave the jeans at home. If you so choose to wear jeans make sure they are not all the same color! and try to ensure not all of you wear jeans in the picture together.

Do-Layer! scarfs, tank tops, jewelry, sweaters ect. Why? it will provide you and your families photos texture and character.

DONT- Be afraid of patterns! Now I'm not saying you all can wear stripes, poke dots, and flannel but what I am saying is add some here and there.

Do-Pay close attention to your shoes because they do matter! a pair of nikes won't look good with a pair of heels or a nice air of boots. 

DON'T- Wear logos on T-shirts as they can be a bit of an eye sore and take away from the overall picture.


Do-Be comfortable for the session and dress it up. You know the old saying "dress better than you originally anticipate" this applies here! Your clothes and over all look will stand out so put some effort into it. 

DON'T over think it! you want your families personality to stand out and look like you guys so, if you all want to cordinate with tenny shoes thats okay . The point is to try.

Alpha and Omega Photography Marysville California

layers and patterns Make for nice Photos

Hannah is an amazing young woman and a talented photographer. She has a wonderful and warm personality, that makes anyone feel welcomed and comfortable! I would highly recommend Alpha & Omega Photography to anyone looking for a good deal.

-Kaylea M.

After Your Session!

So, its after your session and your wondering what happens Next... right?! Aside from the excitement build up for the final product, you now have your premiere night to look forward to!!!

Your Big Premiere night is two weeks post shoot (will be booked the same day your session is booked as well as the location of your big reveal night).

On your premiere night we will start off by grabbing yummy treats, maybe a cup of coffee? and sit down to watch your slide show! 

Next, you'll have some time to carefully go through all your images and pick which ones you'd like to be printed and hand choose each image for each product. I personally love all products I offer but my favorites are the canvas wraps and standout prints!

There will be plenty of time!

The collections on the following page were carefully picked to meet client needs and give you the best value for your money! Those collections are ONLY available on premiere night. No need to worry about if the products that are offered in the Premiere night collections meet your needs...All products are offered a la carte as well! and happen to be 20% off on premiere night ONLY!

The goal of the session on premiere night is to finalize your order and get you your prints and products to you as soon as possible! To ease the stress of the many choices you'll have on premiere night, it is a good idea to familiarize your self with the products so that you can have an idea going into it. 

Once you see your photos you might change your mind on what you want but knowing what is available is a good place to start!

When premiere night is all said and done you'll have a short wait before your prints are in your hands and ready for display! Your digital images will be available with in 48 hours and the rest of your products will be ready in 2-4 weeks! Once everything is in we can schedule a pick up time or I can have it delivered to your home! You can decide this whenever you like! 



Alpha and Omega Photography Marysville California

Let me Love you if not

for the rest of your life

then for the rest of mine



Available On Premiere Night Only

Find out special low price on Premiere night!

The D st. Collection

20x30 Canvas Wrap


10x10 Canvas Wrap

8x8 Standout Print

20-5x7 Prints

All digital Images

Print Release

Digital Slide Show

Gift certificate for next session

Extra 15% Off A la Carte

The Peach tree Collection

20x30 canvas wrap OR


5x7 keep sake box with 2-8x10 Metal mounted images

1- 5x7 mounted images 

2- 4x6 mounted images

15 digital images

print release

Digital slide show

Gift certificate for next session

Extra 10% Off A la Carte

The Gold Rush Collection

16x24 Canvas Wrap

2-5x7 mounted images


8 digital files

Print release

Digital slide show

Gift certificate to Next session

A La Carte

Don't want a package? Pick and Choose what you like

Mounted Gift Prints

  • 5x7----$129

  • 8x10--$149

  • 11x14--$170

  • 16x20-$190

Standout Prints

(No frame Needed)

5x7--------------$159 8x12-------------$189 11x17------------$219 16x24 ----------$369 





  Plus shipping


  • 8x8-----$348

  • 11x16---$409

  • 16x24--$540

  • 20x30-$650

  • 30x40-$950

Keep Sake Boxes

-Color Choices


​5x7 Keep sake Boxes, 20 mountedPrints -$850


5x7 Keep sake Boxes, 10 mounted prints -$629










24-7 Package Arrangements

Don't see a price you like? Call !                  209.471.7821


Keep sake Box 5x7 with 4 4x6 prints inside

Save the dates 5-125

12 digital images

Count down calendar to the big day!

Digital slide show of the creative session taking place both behind the scenes and of all pictures taken

Copy right release

15% off wedding packages


15 Standard 4x6 

1 8x10

1 5x7 

4 wallets 

Gift Certificate to next session




*See A LA CARTE for birth announcements!


BasicPrint Package

Marysville Creative Collection

10x10 Panoramic Premium Photo Album

1 5x7 or 8x10 Statuette

10 3.5x2 magnets

10 wallets

Digital Slide show

Half off next session

Colors for photo album:

Tusk, Sand, Summer Breeze, Brick, Tundra, Ebony.

Payment Options

These are Layaway Options Only, Products received after payment

Option one

-$500 and under

-2 installments

-First payment due on premiere night.

Option two


-4 installments

-First payment due on premiere night. 

Option three


-6-8 installments

-First payment due on premiere night.